a journal by stephanie claire birr & carson andrew maule.
WI to NZ & beyond.
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i’m not sure how we managed to pull it off, but today (8/17/14) is our seven year anniversary of being together and it just happened to be the day we picked to leave on our adventure. life can be cool.

we spent most of the day in LA. we ordered shrimp and sat on the beach and had fruity drinks. i played with my new camera a little bit too (hence all the palm tree photos; palm trees are awesome) we definitely want to explore this city more someday.

we were feeling a little anxious about the next part of our trip and getting through customs, so we left the beach early and ran across a busy road to a hotel to grab a cab. i found the guts to pretend we were guests and see if the hotel crew could hail us one. we ended up meeting a new friend who had an escalade to drive us in. he insisted on snapping that photo of us, what a gem he was.

seven years. time soars,


i’m sprawled out on the floor of LAX, shoes off and lathered in free perfume samples (three different kinds of chloe product). carson is listening to his chiefs in a chair across from me. we look ragged. we look tired. we ARE ragged and tired. i’m finding the hard ground… grounding. i’m finding the free wi-fi comforting. people are speaking in languages i can’t even recognize, much less understand, but i’m also finding it comforting. i’m feeling emotional because i had been keeping it together for the last 4 weeks just so we could get everything we needed to done.

so, as we wait for the next transition (LAX > SYDNEY) i’m updating the old bloggeroo. i’m taking some time to reflect on what we are actually doing.

i keep thinking about it - last thursday night. i keep playing it over and over in my head. our last night in madison with some wonderful people who i’m missing like crazy already. these are some images snapped. i know i will turn back to them many times during this year, for these people and that place ground me and comfort me.

now, i’m looking back at carson, at him grinning from ear to ear as he listens to the game and watches the planes take off. he smoked his last cigarette well over three hours ago and you would never know it. he looks.. uncomfortable, because he’s freaking tall and airport chairs are terribly small. but he looks ready for anything. he looks the happiest i’ve ever seen.

this is why we are leaving behind comforts. because we are crazy in love and feel invincible together. and that’s a level of comfort i don’t even know how to begin to describe.

"you wanna go grab something to eat?" he just asked. i do.



we did it.

we did it.